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Marian Meade
Registered Nurse & Psychotherapist

Marian Meade, RN, BScN
RN & Psychotherapist
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Marian Meade is a Registered Nurse Psychotherapist and coach and has spent most of her 40-year career promoting relationship and emotional fitness. She delights in helping her clients to enjoy life and have satisfying, loving relationships- starting first with themselves. She’s learned that life is meant to be a joy, not a struggle, and that anyone can learn how to feel better and avoid unnecessary heartache and stress. What we want most in life is to be healthy, happy and have great relationships- however, most of us were never taught how. We often feel at the mercy of our emotions and other people. Left unchecked, chronic negative feelings affect our relationship with ourselves and others and can even lead to physical problems. The good news is that we can learn how to be comfortable with and manage our emotions, develop self-love and self compassion and improve our health. Marian combines compassion, lightheartedness, and encouragement with research based, practical approaches including positive psychology, emotion regulation, and mindfulness to assist clients to love themselves unconditionally. Marian has been married to Dave for 34 years and has three adult sons. She loves being back in her hometown of Ottawa -close to her children and extended family after living in Alberta and Oklahoma for 30 years. In her spare time she loves swing dancing and eating Dave’s plant based dishes!

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