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Marian Meade
Registered Nurse Psychotherapist

Marian Meade, RN, BScN
RN Psychotherapist
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Marian Meade is a Registered Nurse Psychotherapist and has spent most of her 40-year career promoting relationship and emotional fitness, helping clients alleviate anxiety, depression, grief, and co-dependence/addictions, and other quality of life interfering behaviours. She provides therapy in multiple modalities including positive psychology, REBT, and CBT. Marian is a member of The Couples Institute and follows the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Therapy which focuses on both the growth and development of each partner as well as the couple. Marian is dedicated to helping her clients resolve issues and manage their emotions. She is compassionate and encouraging and assists her clients to love themselves and create the life they desire, one step at a time. She serves both private clients and clients of CMAP Health, Nurse on Board, and Serenity Renewal For Families and is an LGBT ally. Marian believes that we can all learn to feel good more of the time regardless of our circumstances, and shares her message via workshops, podcasts, radio and television appearances and local newspapers.

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