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Bonnie Kuehl, Registered Nurse & Psychotherapist
Client Care & Practice Development

Bonnie Kuehl

RN & Psychotherapist

Client Care & Practice Development
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Bonnie is a Registered Nurse & Psychotherapist who provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for mental and physical health challenges. She is naturally bilingual in English and French and feels blessed to have traveled the world and raised her family. Her CBT training and supervision has been with Dr Sanjay Rao, Consultant Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa. She completed her nursing training from Heritage College and has 25 years of experience working in a wide variety of acute and long-term care settings in both physical and mental health. This experience has provided exposure and expertise to a variety of perspectives, situations and adversities. Her work in emergency rooms has honed her skills in crisis management and assessment. Most recently, she worked at Terrace Wellness, providing care to adolescents and adults with mental health disorders and challenges. Her expertise extends to helping athletes and sports minded individuals manage stress and mental health challenges. She has extensive experience with virtual platforms and her management role is captured in the area of health care assessment and triage. Bonnie has an interest in working with adolescents and adults working through life transitions, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, trauma recovery, and helping people work towards their goals with life skills for living their best life. Collaboration, respect and understanding are the core of her approach and your treatment plan will offer measured outcomes and scientifically validated recommendations and outcomes. She believes in evidence-based treatment with quality control and commitment. Bonnie is a life long learner who continues to update her skills with training and supervision. Her strength is making an instant connection with people and sharing her energy and enthusiasm towards your mental well being. She has a profound respect for the therapeutic process and knows that making the decision to seek therapy takes courage.

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