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Psychotherapy Practicum

Here’s what our students have to say…

“What really attracted me to CMAP Health was their treatment approach with Gold-Standard therapy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The benefit of having the multidisciplinary team is that I was able to observe a wide selection of professionals in their field of work and gain skills to expand my approach to psychotherapy as a beginner professional in the field.

The 8-month placement provided me with a plethora of client experience as well as the opportunity to refine my client assessment and treatment approach within the evidenced-based treatment of CBT. Following my placement, I felt confidently prepared to begin seeing clients and start my career as a Registered Psychotherapist. I was welcomed into a team of like-minded professionals who are invested in treating their client’s presenting symptoms and providing results through CBT.”

– Breanne Lyng, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

“I really enjoyed working for CMAP and everyone was so knowledgeable, kind, patient, and supportive. I learned so much as a member here and genuinely appreciate all your efforts to teach me and guide me in my career.” 

– Charlotte Hammill, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

“What initially attracted me to CMAP Health was the training/educational opportunity associated with the practicum. As someone who came from an entirely virtual degree, I knew I needed more hands-on practical counselling training before feeling comfortable and competent to sit across from a client. Not only does CMAP provide training workshops for the treatment of specific clinical disorders that frequently get referred, but they do so in a practical, hands on, and safe way to learn and grow as a new professional with other learning colleagues. The online, real-time trainings have been crucial for me to advance by skills, ask questions, gain confidence, and PRACTICE what is learned. In addition to this, ongoing supervision from a highly experienced psychiatrist and clinical psychologist and the continued opportunities to shadow other professionals are extremely valuable and can be hard to find anywhere else! Now working in the field for over a year, I am glad and proud to say that it all started with CMAP Health!”

– Olivia Lundy, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) 

CMAP Health accepts practicum interns from a wide range of disciplines. Psychotherapy practicum postings are eight months in duration. The students are required to take our unified CBT training course delivered by the unified CBT academy.

Referrals from physicians and our community mental health partners are encouraged for clients who need counselling, but do not have insurance coverage or the resources for therapy with a professional in private practice. 

The fees for Practicum Student counsellors reflect their level of learning, as well as the oversight and guidance provided by their supervisors during your counselling process. Interested students are required to complete their Level 2 CBT accreditation in combination with their placement at a discounted price, which includes CBT Supervision and intensive, interactive training webinars. Each webinar is tailored to provide a step-by-step process for treating different mental health presentations.

We believe that professional excellence and quality care is enhanced by an active learning environment, which includes the presence of students, ongoing consultation and professional development opportunities.

The CMAP Team provides  graduate students each year with supervision and support as part of their practicum requirement for a master’s level program in psychology or counselling. 

Supporting our community is our core commitment and in doing so, it allows us to  train students and nurture the next generation of psychotherapists.

Why CMAP Health?

1. Welcoming multidisciplinary team.
2. Intensive training in the clinical assessment of common mental health conditions.
3. Intensive CBT training covering common mental health conditions.
4. Trainees graduate with practice-ready skills.
5. Opportunity to observe and learn from experienced therapists.
6. Regular and effective supervision.
7. Opportunity to learn the use of questionnaires and rating scales for measurement-based care.
8. Support to establish your profile online as a future therapist.

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