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The Benefits of Group Therapy

The quintessential image: a group of people, sitting in a circle, talking about their problems. We’ve seen group therapy portrayed in movies and TV shows. For some people, it conjures up memories of attending support groups or perhaps a parenting

Understanding Addiction

A relapsing-brain disorder; a moral failure; a personal choice; a lack of willpower; an excess of bile; a response to intergenerational trauma. Addiction has been conceptualized and reconceptualized since the beginning of recorded human history. Loss of control surrounding the

Cyclothymic Disorder

In 1882, a German psychiatrist presented a lecture and paper on cyclothymia: a new theoretical entity that would contribute to the growing ideas in psychiatry and psychology in manic-depressive illnesses. In 1898, another psychiatrist, Hecker, presented a paper that included

The Stress of Hosting Family

It seems as though anytime given time of the year, you can hear someone say “it’s that time of year again”. Whether it be a reference to upcoming holidays, events, or reunions, gatherings may be a regular occurrence for many

Community & Mental Health Support for Adults with Autism

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects about 78 million people worldwide. Individuals impacted by autism spectrum disorder are a highly heterogeneous group of people who, from a young age, show difficulty in social communication and demonstrate repetitive


Nomophobia or No Mobile Phone Phobia is the fear of being without your cell phone or without cell phone connectivity. While this may seem odd, more than 50% of the population reports anxiety or distress when they are detached from

The Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic: Fear and Health

It might seem like a lifetime ago where a simple errand was…simple. Going to the grocery store or heading to the mall was a quick decision for and involved little thought or deliberation. But for the third year now, Canadians

The Virtual University Experience

So it’s not what you were expecting… For many young adults, entering college or university is the exciting next chapter of life that is anticipated for months, if not years, leading up to it. While learning on campus is a

Buddhism and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This blog was written by Tara McRae and reflects her point of view on Buddhism and its connection to CBT. In my personal life, I have been drawn to Buddhist teachings. I read many authors such as Thich Nhat Hanh,

Demystifying Eating Disorders

Disordered eating is not often discussed. It carries a lot of stigma and is very misunderstood. Common misconceptions may include that the person is just a picky eater, they are just trying to lose weight, or it’s just a diet