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Mothers Mental Health Matters

In most societies’, mothers are the centre of the circle of life. One of the best ways to practice prevention of mental health problems is to improve mothers’ mental health. Anxiety and depression are more common in women compared to

What is EMDR?

What is EMDR? EMDR (or Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a treatment for trauma. More specifically, its evidence base shows that it is effective for the treatment of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD is a mental illness that can develop

Mindfulness and Mental Health

Mindfulness and Mental Health ‘Mindfulness’ has grown immensely in popularity in recent years. Having been practiced in the world and, in some form, in all major religions for thousands of years, it was firmly placed on the secular map by

Jig-Saw CBT

Chronic or recurrent distress, but no obvious diagnosis A client came into my office, in acute distress, complaining about a work situation. Their manager made unreasonable demands. Their colleagues were struggling. At home, the family needs were all-consuming and the

World Mental Health Special

The World Mental Health Day is witnessed on October 10 and is a recognition of the global importance of mental health. What is the relevance of Canada? First: The slogan ‘1 in 5’ is not enough We need to move

How Can We Look After Teachers’ Mental Health?

October 5th was the World Teachers’ day and by some strange coincidence, it is very close to World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October.  Teachers are an important part of the success of a society. We all need

Social Anxiety

Feeling shy? Or is it more than that? Not necessarily and they do not have to be overly confident or assertive (or aggressive!) to overcome their hesitation. Social Anxiety Disorder Social Anxiety Disorder, also known as Social Phobia, is the

Trauma and its impact

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of someone having experienced ‘trauma’? In current times, it is likely that you think of ‘PTSD’. PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has been given much attention in the

The Depression Mud Pool

Coming out of depression is like working your way out of a mud pool. If you stand still, the mud will harden and you’ll get stuck. If you keep moving, however slowly, you will eventually climb out of the pool.

Anxiety Disorientation

“I get so anxious I can’t see straight!”  “It builds into a panic and I lose myself” “I never get anything done!” Generalized Anxiety is often overwhelming. It is disorientating and you may lose track of your ability to do