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Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise is a topic that tends to have an unattractive appeal for many, as it is not a preferred way of spending time. After working for the majority of the day, trying to tackle the everyday activities of life, running

Setting Boundaries

Why are boundaries important? Boundaries are an important aspect of self-preservation and self-care. They play an important role in protecting one’s mental health. Boundaries have been shown to improve mental and emotional health, reduce the risk of burnout, increase feelings

Emotional Intelligence

“Anyone can become angry —that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way —this is not easy.” -ARISTOTLE, The Nicomachean Ethics

Living with ADHD

If you are living with ADHD, you are less likely to read this article. Unless you’re hyper-focused on the  subject, you will likely read the headline and skim the rest. Fortunately, we know that this is not the  result of a personal failure. It’s how your brain developed and a symptom of living in a society that wasn’t  built for you.   Hunters in a Farmer’s World  Most of us grew up seeing a negative stigma around those with ADHD. Often, they were the ‘disruptive’ kids in class and treated with little patience. However, as with most of

Normal Anxiety vs Anxiety Disorder

What are you anxious about?  An upcoming exam or interview? A not-so-ideal doctor’s report on your physical health? Due date on a project at work? Or does everything uncertain in life keep you up at night and worry? What exactly

New Year’s Resolutions for your mental health

New Year’s is a time that holds a lot of emotions that range from excitement for the new beginning to overwhelm with setting and sticking to new goals    Setting goals is a great way to focus on self-improvement and

Common Holiday Stressors and How to Cope

The holidays are a time of year that is often joyful. However, this season can also bring on stress from the added pressure of the holiday expectations. So, what are the common holiday stressors and how can you cope with

Video Game Addiction

Hobby or addiction?    Let us begin by floating back to your first memory of video games. Depending on your age (and your family’s level of technology sophistication) your first memory may be as early as the first Nintendo system.


I’ll do it later…     Procrastination is when a task is delayed until the last minute, or for longer than reasonable. The purpose behind procrastination differs from person to person. It depends on the situation, but it is important

Unwanted repetitive thoughts and behaviours

Most of us find routines comforting. I have had the same breakfast (high fibre cereal with milk and decaf coffee) 5 or 6 times a week for several years. I have a small basket with my cereal and my vitamins