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Food Positivity for Children

  It starts at a young age Food positivity is a topic that many people struggle with and it is a concept that begins as early as childhood. From birth, we are influenced by those around us, not only in

Caffeine Addiction

  Caffeine: The Best Part of Your Day Many Canadians start the day the same way- with a nice, hot cup of coffee. We often hear “I can’t start my day without it” or jokes such as “don’t talk to

Summertime Activities to Foster Mental Health

Summertime presents an excellent opportunity for us to make the best of the beautiful outdoors and warm weather to foster our mental health and sense of wellbeing. After many months of avoiding our exposure to freezing temperatures, and for some

Pets and Mental Health

  Why we love our pets Approximately 58% of households in Canada own at least one pet – and the numbers are continuously rising. Research on the benefits of owning a pet have been ongoing for years. These studies show

What is Misophonia?

Hate Eating Noises? It’s dinner time, and you start getting anxious because your spouse has decided to cook wings. You start wondering, will I be able to handle this? Will I need to excuse myself from the table? Will I

The Benefits of Group Therapy

The quintessential image: a group of people, sitting in a circle, talking about their problems. We’ve seen group therapy portrayed in movies and TV shows. For some people, it conjures up memories of attending support groups or perhaps a parenting

Understanding Addiction

A relapsing-brain disorder; a moral failure; a personal choice; a lack of willpower; an excess of bile; a response to intergenerational trauma. Addiction has been conceptualized and reconceptualized since the beginning of recorded human history. Loss of control surrounding the

Cyclothymic Disorder

In 1882, a German psychiatrist presented a lecture and paper on cyclothymia: a new theoretical entity that would contribute to the growing ideas in psychiatry and psychology in manic-depressive illnesses. In 1898, another psychiatrist, Hecker, presented a paper that included

The Stress of Hosting Family

It seems as though anytime given time of the year, you can hear someone say “it’s that time of year again”. Whether it be a reference to upcoming holidays, events, or reunions, gatherings may be a regular occurrence for many

Community & Mental Health Support for Adults with Autism

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects about 78 million people worldwide. Individuals impacted by autism spectrum disorder are a highly heterogeneous group of people who, from a young age, show difficulty in social communication and demonstrate repetitive